Simplifying Your Journey into Crypto

With low fees, user-friendly apps, and a welcoming community, we’re here to help you step confidently into the future of finance. Join us and make the move to MO Chain – where crypto is for everyone!

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Why MO

Simple, Inclusive, Empowering!

Native Applications

MO Chain enriches user experience through a diverse array of upcoming applications.


MO Chain seamlessly integrates with existing Ethereum tools and diverse decentralized applications.

MO represents the essence of our user-centered vision for a simplified crypto experience.

Low Transaction Fees

MO Chain offers low fees, ensuring accessibility for all users and seamless crypto use.


Dual-chain communication enables seamless cross-chain transfers, expanding user possibilities.

Infrastructure for Applications

Equipped with native apps and dapps. We pave our own way, testing and deploying daily on MO chain.

Built for everyone

MO is compatible with Ethereum and equipped with innovative tools for your creative solutions.

pragma solidity ^0.8.20;

contract Counter {
    uint public count;

    // Function to get the current count
    function get() public view returns (uint) {
        return count;

    // Function to increment count by 1
    function inc() public {
        count += 1;

    // Function to decrement count by 1
    function dec() public {
        // This function will fail if count = 0
        count -= 1;

Fully compatible with

Affordable in every transaction

MO Chain redefines affordability by offering the lowest gas fees, making every transaction a breeze.

// Simulated blockchain transfer
const sender = "George";
const recipient = "Michael";
const amount = 2000000 MO; 
const sendingFee = $0.0000001;

// Network details
const networkName = "MO Chain";
const rpcUrl = "";
const chainId = 7924;
const symbol = "MO";
const blockExplorerUrl = "";

Focused on crypto adoption

MO Chain is wholeheartedly devoted to connecting everyday users to the world of crypto.

A More Inclusive Blockchain

MO Chain’s decentralization is a dynamic process that evolves as other projects, businesses and companies actively participate in the consensus mechanism by establishing their own nodes within our ecosystem.

The essence of our vision lies in collaboration and inclusivity, where the more entities join us in maintaining nodes, the greater the decentralization we achieve.

This collaborative approach not only enhances the security and resilience of the network but also aligns with our commitment to fostering a decentralized future where blockchain technology is accessible to all.

The strength of MO Chain’s decentralization lies in the collective efforts of projects that share our vision for a more inclusive and robust blockchain ecosystem.

Explore Our Innovations

MO Chain brings innovative blockchain applications to your everyday experiences.

Begin Your Crypto Adventure with Confidence

Embark on a fascinating adventure into the vibrant world of blockchain with MoBlocks! Tailored to be more than just a crypto browser, MoBlocks is a crafted, secure passageway that smoothly guides both newcomers and experienced explorers through the rich and diverse universe of cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Designed with you in mind, MoBlocks isn’t simply about browsing. It’s a meticulously curated gateway, enabling users to safely and confidently navigate through the expansive crypto cosmos. With an extensive library of over 1,000 rigorously verified platforms, MoBlocks commits to not only enhance but to protect your digital explorations, directing you only towards genuine and trustworthy crypto websites.

It’s your personal crypto guide and protector, clearing the path for safe and enlightening adventures into various blockchain domains, such as decentralized finance (DeFi), Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) marketplaces, and more.

 Join us and turn the key to a world where your crypto journey is not just secure, but also incredibly enlightening and endlessly exciting!

Merging Style with Blockchain Elegance

CryptoWear bridges the gap between fashion and digital authenticity, crafting a unique space where each piece of clothing is not just a stylish item but also bears its own unique digital signature. Here, the world of tangible, high-quality apparel and verifiable digital assets on the blockchain intertwine, offering you a dual experience in fashion.

Our approach goes beyond conventional thinking and steps boldly into a future where the authenticity, originality, and ownership of your clothing are verifiable and undeniable on the blockchain. The indelible link we establish between your physical garment and its digital twin signifies a leap into a novel epoch of fashion, ensuring your style is unmistakably yours, in both physical and digital worlds.

CryptoWear isn’t just a brand; it’s a stride towards a revolutionary, mindful, and digitally-authentic lifestyle. Join us on this journey where your fashion isn’t just worn; it’s digitally authenticated and uniquely yours!

Encrypting Your Digital Footprint with Decentralized Security

Dive into a liberated internet experience with MatrixVPN – your gateway to a decentralized, secure, and unrestricted digital journey. Reimagine your online adventures with a VPN that doesn’t just shield, but empowers you with a fortified layer of decentralized security and absolute online autonomy.

MatrixVPN goes beyond mere privacy to offer you a genuinely decentralized VPN experience, putting control and privacy back where they belong – in your hands.

Surf with the assurance that your digital identity is cloaked in a fortress of decentralized security. MatrixVPN does not merely anonymize; it encrypts your digital footprints on the internet, ensuring your online activities are private, secure, and entirely your own, shielded from prying eyes and potential threats.

Getting started

MO Chain’s Mainnet for Real-world Action, Testnet for Risk-Free Experimentation

Real Environment

Network Name: MO Chain
Chain ID: 7924
Symbol: MO
Block Explorer URL:

Testing Environment

Network Name: MO Chain Testnet
Chain ID: 22936
Symbol: MO
Block Explorer URL:

...or simply download our native wallet

MoWallet simplifies the crypto experience by providing a user-friendly interface, supporting multiple chains, NFTs, Collectibles, ENS domains, and empowering users to seamlessly interact with the blockchain ecosystem.

The most frequently asked questions

What is MO Chain?

MO Chain is a blockchain platform designed to make cryptocurrency accessible to a wider audience by offering user-friendly apps and a seamless blockchain experience.

What sets MO Chain apart from other blockchains?

MO Chain stands out with its focus on mainstream adoption, low transaction fees, EVM compatibility, and a range of innovative apps that simplify the crypto experience.

How does MO Chain support mainstream adoption?

MO Chain’s intuitive apps and low fees make it easier for newcomers to enter the crypto space, fostering mainstream adoption by simplifying complex processes.

How do I get started with MO Chain?

Getting started with MO Chain is easy! Explore our user-friendly apps, connect to our Mainnet and Testnet environments using provided RPC data, and begin your journey into the world of blockchain.

Is MO Chain EVM compatible?

Yes, MO Chain is EVM compatible, ensuring seamless integration with existing Ethereum tools and enabling the development of a wide range of decentralized applications.

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