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The bridge
between blockchains

MoChain utilizes PoA consensus for faster block times and lower fees, with support for EVM-compatible smart contracts and interoperability for cross-chain communication.

compatible with 200+ blockchains
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Chain Support

Over 18+ Chains Supported

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Security First

Seed Backup, Biometric and Pin Support.

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Manage your NFTs directly in your wallet.

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Non-custodial multi-chain cryptocurrency wallet.


Dedicated Decentralized Exchange on MO Chain.


Secure transactions that preserve anonymity.


Coin and token exchange across several chains.


Community-based ecosystem governance for MO Chain.


A dedicated social network for crypto communities.


Scanner for NFTs, addresses, and tokens on the blockchain.


Dedicated cryptocurrency airdrop platform.


Dedicated staking platform to stake and earn MO.


Dedicated platform for Web3 Art and NFT artists.


Deploy various mechanic tokens on MO Chain.


Dedicated Automated Multi-Chain Bridge for MO Chain.
More about our network

MO stands for growth

MO Chain is a blockchain network that utilizes PoA consensus, interoperability, governance, native token, light client security, scalability and EVM-compatibility to offer businesses a fast, secure and efficient solution for their operations.



MO Chain has inherent interoperability capabilities that allow for cross-chain transfer and communication, connecting different blockchain networks and making them work together.

On-chain governance

MO Chain allows for on-chain governance, where community members can vote on important network decisions, bringing a higher level of decentralization.


MO Chain is EVM-compatible providing compatibility with existing smart contracts and dApps. This allows for seamless integration of existing Ethereum-based projects and applications onto MoChain.

Low transaction fees

MO Chain's PoA consensus algorithm and efficient validation process enables lower transaction fees, making it more cost-effective for businesses and individuals to use.

Major Roadmap

August 2021
$APP Token

The APP token was successfully launched, providing new opportunities for investors to participate in trading.

September 2021
Dappsy Testnet

In September, Dappsy Testnet was introduced allowing users to explore the features of the system ahead of its full launch.

October 2021
$LOCK Token

The LOCK token was successfully launched, providing new opportunities for investors to participate in trading.

January 2022
Smart Contract Scanner

Smart Contract Scanner V1.0 released which was capable of identifying potential issues in smart contracts that are deployed on the BSC. The scanner could track newly launched contracts and verify if their code and associated functions are secure or not.

Dappsy Beta Release

By using Metamask, users can utilize Dappsy to communicate with other members of the Dappsy network and follow their cryptocurrency holdings. Additionally, tracking is available for a variety of cryptocurrencies listed on the platform.

MO Chain

Development of the MoChain consensus engine, based on the Proof of Staked Authority (PoA) algorithm.

Creation of the MO native coin as both smart contract execution gas and staking token.

Testing and optimization of network scalability.

Integration of existing Ethereum tools and compatibility with existing smart contracts and dApps.


MoWallet is a simple and safe cryptocurrency wallet that supports ERC20, ERC721 and ERC875 natively. MO Chain, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Polygon, Fantom, Heco, Arbitrum, Celo, Moonbeam, Moonriver, Harmony, KCC, Gatechain, Klaytn, POM, Caduceus, and others are all supported by MoWallet.


Holders of APP and LOCK tokens are required to submit their tokens to receive MO coins after the presale.


MoEscrow is an escrow platform deployed across seven different blockchains, with support for native coins. It also has some helpful features, such as the ability to upload documents for NDA and agreement purposes onto IPFS, QR code support, refunds and expiration time tracking.


Users can move data (such as ownership details for digital assets) between two chains using MoBridge. Cross-chain bridges connect blockchains quickly and securely, allowing for interoperability and scalability.


First ever platform monetizing NFTs and providing them to the general public using physical products such as clothes. By incorporating NFTs into the clothing, it is possible to verify the authenticity of each piece and ensure that customers are receiving genuine, high-quality items.

MoVinci NFT Marketplace

With this release, traders can easily trade their favorite NFTs, deploy individual NFTs and entire NFT Collections, put their asset up for auction and more. 


Enjoy a seamless, non-custodial cross-chain crypto exchange experience with low fees – and gain full freedom while avoiding the hassle of centralized exchanges. Our platform supports over 40,000 trading pairs and allows swaps starting as low as $2.


MoToken is a user-friendly token deployment platform that makes it easy for anyone to quickly and securely deploy tokens on various blockchains. We provide advanced smart contract technology for unmatched security and customizability.

Expansion & Governance

Helping businesses and developers for building and deploying decentralized applications (dApps) by providing smart contracts to deploy and manage on-chain data.

Implementation of on-chain governance for community participation in decision-making


MoExchange is a multi-chain crypto exchange that streamlines trading and utilizes the user's existing Metamask wallet for secure token storage. Providers on MoExchange allow traders to trade tokenized coins directly on the blockchain with ease.


MoPal is an efficient payment provider that allows everyone to receive payments in crypto. With MoPal, businesses and individuals can quickly and easily accept payments online, facilitating the sale of products and services.


MoTap is a revolutionary video platform allowing creators to earn rewards in tokens. By implementing Video NFT assets, the platform facilitates creators to monetize, sell and purchase content directly on the platform.


Development of interoperability capabilities for cross-chain transfer and communication.

Further optimization of network scalability and reduction of transaction fees.

*Due to new developments or unforeseen cicumstances, the roadmap may occasionally change.

How to use MO Chain

MO Mainnet

The mainnet of MO Chain is the live, fully operational version of MO blockchain network. It is the production version of the network, where all the features and functionalities that have been developed and tested are made available for use by the public.

MO Testnet

A testnet is a blockchain network that is used to operate and test blockchains and blockchain projects before they are released. Programmers and developers can easily create, amend, test, and monitor the functionality of their projects before releasing them to the public.

Multi-Chain is the Future

All MO Chain products are compatible with multiple chains.
Our community and users are not restricted to one chain; we see multi-chain as the future.

Join MO Family

”MO-re than a blockchain, a family”

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